Protecting children at risk

Protection enfant danger

Child abuse does not only mean submitting a child to physical violence - it can also mean neglecting their physiological and emotional needs or subjecting them to a lifestyle that is incompatible with their age or level of maturity.

Reporting a child at risk

If you know of a child in a worrying situation, it is your duty as a citizen to contact the relevant services: 


  • Allo enfance en danger: 119
  • crip [at] orne [dot] fr

Over 300 abused children are reported in the Orne each year. The time factor is crucial. The sooner the case is detected, the greater the child’s chances of finding a stable family environment once again.

Orne Council protects children at risk

The Aide Sociale à l’Enfance (ASE) – child welfare support - department works to protect children at risk or potentially at risk:

  • It collects and processes worrying information on children potentially at risk (observations made, remarks overheard, worrying behaviour in children or of an adult towards a minor)
  • It can provide educational help at home
  • It takes charge of minors on decision of a children’s judge or of the parents
  • It seeks solutions, on a case-by-case basis, to protect the child at risk and enable them to return to a stable, calm family environment
  • It places children at risk in foster families or a care home
  • It establishes a dialogue with the parents and provides them with material, educational and psychological support