Education, Culture and Sport Commission (6th commission)

Photos des membres de la Education, Culture and Sport Commission

This commission has a number of themes.

  • Education: with the maintenance and construction of public colleges and grants to private establishments but also the development of IT in collèges (which has placed Orne amongst the best equipped in France). It also contributes to Montfoulon University, gives education grants to families and runs language exchange schemes.
  • Sport: the commission decides on grants to be given to sporting organisations and associations (clubs, committees, professional sports people, equipment purchasing in communes).
  • Culture: it allocates funding to cultural organisations. The 6th commission is therefore involved in music, danse and theatre with the Office départementale de la culture; in conservation and accessibility of our written heritage through the Archives départementales; and in access to literature and learning with the Médiathèque départementale de l’Orne.