Health monitoring for 0-6 year olds


From birth to the age of six, children grow up and change quickly. Every day they discover something new or learn a new skill (walking, potty-training, language, etc.).

It is vital that children see a doctor regularly over this period to ensure their healthy development.

Regular medical checks

Orne Council has 30 centres across the department where parents can take their children to see doctors and paediatric nurses assistants for free-of-charge examinations and consultations.

Consultations for children from birth to the age of 6 are designed to:

  • monitor the child’s development (weight, height, vaccinations, screening for visual or hearing defects, etc.)
  • provide information and advice on feeding, skills development, daily routines, stages in development, child care and starting school
  • if required, refer the child or family to a general practitioner or specialist (paediatrician, ENT specialist, surgeon, radiographer, physiotherapist, dentist, speech therapist, psychologist, etc.)

Health checks at pre-school

Orne Council organises health checks for children in their second year of pre-school (children aged 3 and 4 years old). These checks are carried out by doctors and paediatric nurses in the school itself, with the parents present.

The aim is to:

  • screen for visual and hearing problems
  • monitor language, emotional or psychological problems
  • supervise problems with development (weight, height, obesity prevention)
  • refer parents to specialists if required.

A report on the consultation is given to the parents and added to the child’s health records. A medical document is submitted to the schools’ healthcare service at the end of the year.

Vaccination, teeth and potty-training

Some of the questions most often asked at consultations include the vaccination schedule, dental care and the best type of potty-training! For everything you need to know, see the advice from doctors included in our information leaflets.