Compte tenu du phénomène neigeux attendu dans l’Orne cette nuit entre 2 et 8h du matin, le Département de l’Orne mobilise ses moyens de viabilité hivernale. Les saleuses traiteront cette nuit les chaussées, en priorité les axes importants sur lesquels la circulation devrait pouvoir se faire sans trop de difficultés. La circulation sera en revanche plus délicate demain matin sur le réseau secondaire. Les transporteurs ne pouvant assurer le transport des élèves demain matin préviendront les familles par SMS. Plus d’infos sur l’état des routes et le plan hivernal ➡️ http://inforoutes.orne.frClose

At the crossroads between Normandy and the Loire Valley, and half-way between Brittany and Paris, the Orne is a department where the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity are highly prized. Cutting-edge technologies, new procedures and applied research are the pillars on which a dynamic economy is built. The Orne is proud of its diverse and competitive businesses, market leaders in many sectors both at home and abroad.

The main business sectors here are:

  • Equine industry
  • Automotive industry and subsectors such as plasturgy and electronic & electrical parts
  • Agribusiness
  • Agriculture
  • Wood-energy
  • Artisanat
  • Retail
  • Printing
  • Mechanics and metalwork 

Dynamic, innovative and outward-looking

In the Orne, businesses can tap into a vibrant and innovative economy; backed-up by a highly-qualified workforce, various support services and access to training.

With its quality of life, transport connections, broadband coverage and competitive property prices, the Orne is a great place for your startup or business relocation. Businesses will find speedy access to premises thanks primarily to Orne Développement (the Council’s Economic Expansion Committee).

The digital economy

The Council also works to promote the digital economy. 

  • hard-wire (DSL, optical fibre,...)
  • mobile (3G, 4G)
  • hertzian links (WIMAX, satellite,...)

For the Orne, it is a matter of combining quality of life, economic determination and new generation telecommunications networks, for the benefit of all.