Secondary schools

CollègesSecondary school is a vital step in education. During the four years students spend at secondary school, they start to make some initial career choices.

Varied curriculums

In the Orne, students can find a programme of study close to home, suited to their individual situation and objectives. Secondary schools in the department also offer some specific courses, such as

  • sports
  • European courses
  • music courses with special timetables (known as CHAM - Classe à Horaires Aménagés Musique )
  • bilingual courses
  • technology courses
  • special arrangements of students with difficulties
  • technology courses
  • Sections d’Enseignement Général Professionnel et Adapté (SEGPA - special general education and vocational courses for students with learning difficulties)
  • Unités Pédagogiques d’Intégration (UPI) - special teaching units within the school for disabled children

Use of new technologies in schools

The Orne Council has made IT a major priority in secondary schools. The Orne is one of the leading French departments when it comes to computer equipment, with just over 3.31 students per workstation (national average: 5.6 students per workstation). Secondary schools are now also being equipped with interactive whiteboards.

At the same time, the Orne Council is considering how to set up an Espace Numérique de Travail (ENT – digital workspace) for schools, bringing together primary schools, secondary schools and colleges along with other Lower Normandy public organisations. It is also looking into the use of the “electronic schoolbag”. Three secondary schools in the department are already experimenting with the services of the future ENT. The Council also helps to fund information technology in private schools that have a contract with the State.