Vast forests, historic and artistic towns, medieval manors and two Regional Natural Parks… the preserved environment of the Orne has enabled the re-establishment of a sought after and substantive quality of life.

Sustainable developement at the heart of every decision

Day by day, the Council works to improve the lifestyle of its inhabitants whilst promoting respect for the environment.

  • It preserves and promotes nature through, for example, the management of 40 protected natural sites (a policy in place since 1990).
  • It oversees and controls water quality.
  • It promotes the development of green energies, principally through the wood-energy sector, in order to reduce our impact on the climate and reduce our need for fossil fuels.
  • It has instigated initiatives to reduce waste, and informs individuals and organisations about green issues. The Council believes that it is our responsibility to preserve our natural heritage for future generations.

Managing water quality

Since 2006, the Council has managed the water quality in the Orne. With the Departmental Water Syndicate, Syndicat départemental de l’eau, it works with the towns and villages to phase out the use of pesticides in the management of public spaces. This initiative has been formalised in a Public Spaces Charter.

Elsewhere, the Council has put in place a website for people wishing to car pool. And it has developed a system of sustainable management for road verges which has reduced the use of herbicides