Preventative medicine

Health is a vital factor in the quality of life. Orne Council plays a role in education and prevention, complementing the care provided by general practitioners and hospitals. It constantly monitors the health of people in the department:

  • it identifies infectious diseases that tend to be increasing (such as tuberculosis, syphilis, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and so on)
  • it organises prevention, screening and treatment for the people concerned via a network of consultation centres located across the department

Working alongside providers of general medical care, Orne Council aims to make life easier for patients on a day-to-day basis. It listens to their needs and, on a case-by-case basis, sets up appropriate solutions to overcome specific difficulties (distance from care centres, lack of information on a condition, etc.).

Advanced consultations

The cancer specialists from the F. Baclesse cancer unit in Caen provide advanced consultations in hospitals in Alençon, Argentan and Flers each month. For over 30 years now, Orne Council has ensured the smooth running of this local service. Its aim is to prevent people in the Orne undergoing treatment from having to travel backwards and forwards to Caen for their medical care.

Health education

One of the major factors limiting the treatment of chronic diseases (diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, etc.) is the failure by patients to follow a course of treatment. As part of an initiative that is unique in Europe, Orne Council is helping to develop an educational programme with the following goals:

  • develop resource centres, to give patients the opportunity to learn more about their disease and share experiences
  • raise the awareness of patients and their families about treatment and support for the disease (seminars, CD-Roms, documents, etc.), so as to encourage their autonomy
  • promote training for healthcare professionals on how to educate patients and to improve the quality of Carer/Patient relationships

There are three resource centres providing information on 5 different diseases:

  • diabetes, asthma and obesity (Alençon hospital)
  • back pain (functional rehabilitation centre in Tessé-la-Madeleine)
  • epilepsy (Terres-Noires Centre in Mortagne-au-Perche)