Social housing

Since 2005 the Council has managed the entire social housing budget. It works with the State to translate housing policies on the ground. It puts in place initiatives and schemes to ensure access to housing for all.

The council has policies which cover the following domains:

  • the Plan Départemental d’Insertion par l’Hébergement et le Logement (PDIHL) - to stop social exclusion through homelessnes
  • the Fonds Social au Logement (FSL) - social housing grants, the Accompagnement Social Lié au Logement (ASLL) - help with housing and the Mesure d’Accompagnement Social Personnalisée (MASP) - a personalised houding grant 
  • the charte départementale de lutte contre les exclusions locatives - a charter to prevent homelessnes
  • the schéma départemental d’accueil des gens du voyage - for travellers
  • aides à la pierre (grants for landlords and property owners)