The legal professions


The Law degree course available at the Montfoulon-Alençon-Damigny campus is the same as the course at the Faculty of Caen, taught by the same teachers with smaller class sizes. Only the first two years of the course are taught at Alençon. The third year is taught in Caen. 

Career prospects

This course can lead to entrance exams for the civil service professions, to the third year taught at the Faculty of Caen or, since 2003, a vocational degree in the notary professions.

Administrative registration

The registration forms can be downloaded at Université de Caen Basse-Normandie website. Following this, applicants should call 02 33 80 29 50 for an appointment.

Course registration

Students will register on the Internet once they have completed the administrative registration process. As soon as the Baccalaureate results have been published, qualified students can register for the first year of the Law degree course (on appointment, registrations forms requested by phone or e-mail).

For second-year students and students required to retake the first year: Internet registration at Université de Caen Basse-Normandie website.