Individual sewerage

Individual sewerage Orne Council has always provided assistance and information for on-site wastewater treatment systems. This is something that affects 52,000 homes, about half of Orne's population.

An on-site wastewater treatment system collects and treats all the wastewater (domestic sewage and grey water) from a household.
Only domestic wastewater may be sent to the on-site wastewater treatment system. Other sources such as rainwater and swimming pool water, for example, must not be sent to the system, or it could stop working properly.
In addition, these systems need draining regularly by approved companies.

The Council's actions

Orne Council provided assistance with setting up the SPANC services (public on-site wastewater treatment service). In addition, since 2000, it has held information sessions for trade professionals. Around 250 businesses and more than 450 trade professionals have taken part in these sessions, which are organised in conjunction with the Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat (the local chamber of crafts and trades).

Orne Council also organises regular technical meetings (at least twice a year) for elected representatives and SPANC personnel, engineering offices and private service providers, mainly to keep them up-to-date with changes to standards and regulations, and to align best practices.

Discharge from on-site wastewater treatment systems into ditches alongside local roads

The regulations stipulate that wastewater from on-site treatment systems may only be discharged into superficial water bodies after a specialist study. Orne Council thus requires a specialist study before it can authorise the discharge of wastewater from on-site treatment systems into ditches along the local roads it manages. The study report, along with an application to discharge wastewater, should be sent back to the following address:

Conseil départemental de l’Orne
27 boulevard de Strasbourg
BP 528
61017 Alençon cedex