The administration

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The departmental assembly makes decisions while the administrative body, under the authority of the President of Orne Council, applies them.

Headed by the Director General, administration is divided into a number of specialist services. These are the people you will come into contact with whenever you deal with the Orne Council.

The council’s main services

The Health and Welfare division

Responsible for mother and child health, preventive health initiatives, assisting the elderly and disabled, the fight against social exclusion and the Revenue de Solidarité Active (income support).

The Environment Planning division

Responsible for all land planning initiatives (roads, transport, water resources, rural planning and the environment).

The Youth and Culture division

Responsible for all education and leisure initiatives

The Economy and Finance division

Responsible for the economic growth and funding for the Department and its financial strategy.

The Departmental Archives

Responsible for the management of and public access to the department’s archives and the Departmental Museum of religious art.

In addition, Orne Council provides funding for associations and organisations whose role is to extend the Council's action as far as possible and give it maximum impact.