The council's head office

L'Hôtel du département à Alençon

The Quartier Lyautey, home to the Hôtel du Département (the council’s head office), is a magnificently renovated former barracks.

The work to refurbish this heritage building was undertaken on the initiative of Gérard Burel, now honorary President of Orne Council. His aim was to bring together as many administrative departments as possible together under one roof, to further improve the service offered to the public. For staff, the site offers better working conditions, letting them concentrate on performance.

The Quartier Lyautey is a place of work and decision-making but it also aims to welcome everyone in the Orne. It is a place for people to meet, attend cultural events and make new discoveries.

A place welcoming everyone in the Orne

The renovation of the Harcourt pavilion, cleverly linked up with the new reception area, was followed by the launch of a series of very high quality exhibitions, open to all every weekday and on Sunday afternoons. With paintings, photographs, drawings, ancient documents and collectors’ items, the site is a superb showcase for some real treasures. In 2010, the spotlight was on cartoons, following on from an exhibition of superb photos of the Orne seen from the skies.

map of Alençon