Futures mamansYou’re expecting a baby and are full of questions. You’re wondering about pregnancy, how to welcome the baby and what medical care you are entitled to. Who do you call to find out the answers and help you through it all from day to day?

The midwives and paediatric nurses from the Protection Maternelle et Infantile service (PMI) - mother and child health centre - provide ante- and post-natal care for young mothers in the Orne, either at their centre or at your home.


Midwives offer a complementary service, working alongside the hospitals, clinics and doctors' surgeries. They provide preventive care, in addition to the compulsory consultations, from the fourth month of pregnancy onwards. They can visit the homes of pregnant women who are experiencing physical or social difficulties.

They provide information on:

  • the development of the pregnancy (advice on food hygiene, how to prevent premature birth and so on.)
  • giving birth
  • caring for baby (daily care, breast-feeding and so on).

Paediatric nurses

They offer help and advice on your child's health and development. They work on the families’ request, provide help in families that have already worked with in the past, in families reported by the social services or following notification by the maternity service.

They help mothers-to-be:

  • prior to the birth
  • at the birth
  • with nutrition advice and breast-feeding
  • with baby’s development (skills development, play, sleep and so on)
  • medical surveillance
  • different forms of childcare
  • medical care and vaccination services at infant consultation centres

These professionals are there for you – don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.