Maison départementale des sports

Maison départementale des sportsThe Maison Départementale des Sports (departmental sports centre) was founded in 2003 to bring together the different people involved in sport. The centre is occupied by 8 sporting committees full-time, another 9 part-time and has 13 paying members. It is a place where volunteers and associations can come and work.  It facilitates skills-sharing, the pooling of resources and the coordination of major events.

Coordination, training and information

The joint secretarial service facilitates administrative procedures and centralises enquiries from citizens. The meeting rooms and the resource centre can be used for meetings and training courses and are equipped with video and sound equipment. There is also a library of books on sporting practices.

The Maison Départementale des Sports is funded by Orne Council and is the key link in the department’s policy to develop sport. It is run by a management association.