Sports committees in the Orne

Most clubs in the department are members of committees representing a particular discipline or part of the population (e.g. school children). Their role is encourage joint initiatives, organise the life of the sport (courses, training for referees, etc.) in the department in line with the guidelines set out by their federation and answer any questions people might ask. The committees will let you know which club is best for your level, age and location.

8 committees working full-time

Basketball, gymnastics, Union Nationale du Sport Scolaire (UNSS) – national union for sport at school, tennis, Fédération Sportive Gymnique du Travail (FSGT)  - workers’ sport federation, Association départementale Emploi associatif dans l’Orne (EA61) – departmental association for volunteering in sport, Comité Départemental Olympique et Sportif (CDOS) – departmental committee for the Olympics and Sport - and adapted sports.

9 committees working part-time

Artistic gymnastics, athletics, judo, boxing, rugby, table tennis, horse-riding, underwater sports, ASPTT (sports in the postal and telecoms sector) and disabled sports.

13 member committees

Badminton, canoeing, go-karting, cycling, bicycle touring, district football, petanque, hiking, Alençon petanque club, 61 surf club, under-water activities, Alençon racing club, the Galopades du Patrimoine runners.