Breast and intestine cancer screening

Breast cancer screening

Dépistage du cancer du sein dans le mammobileBreast cancer affects 1 woman in 10 and is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women under 65 years old. The earlier it is detected, the greater the chances of a cure are.

Every two years, women aged 50 – 74 years old in the Orne (a total of 50,000 people) are invited to have a mammogram at a centre close to their home.

The Orne was the first department to set up free, mobile breast cancer screening campaigns in 1992 with its Mammobile 61 bus.

How screening works

The Mammobile mobile screening centre is exclusively for woman aged 50 – 74 living in the Orne. You will receive a personal invitation in the post.

In the Mammobile, once you have filled in your information sheet, 

  • you will be accompanied by an assistant to carry out the mammogram (2 x-rays per breast)
  • the x-rays are developed immediately to check that they are of the right quality,
  • the x-rays are then sent to the management centre in Alençon and examined by two different radiologists. they are compared with the images from the previous campaign.

The results are sent to you and to your general practitioner within two to three weeks. Your doctor will decide if further examinations are required if an anomaly has been detected. In 90% of cases, after further checks these anomalies turn out to be benign.

Women who were not able to go to the Mammobile receive a reminder letter, inviting them to go for screening at a radiology centre or in one of the hospitals in the department.

Contra-indications for screening at the Mammobile 61

  • pacemaker
  • chemotherapy injection chamber
  • breast implants

In these situations, patients will go to one of the department’s approved radiology centres for their mammogram.

Prevention advice

Lifestyle and hygiene are vital factors in helping to reduce the risks of cancer:

  • eat more fruit and vegetables rich in phyto-oestrogen (real soya, lentils, onions, pulses)
  • eat less red meat and more fish
  • drink tea
  • prefer fish oil or olive oil
  • avoid obesity (20% over the normal weight) and excess weight (10% over the normal weight)
  • exercise
  • avoid tobacco and too much alcohol
  • look and feel your own breasts in front of a mirror every month.. Consult your document if you have the slightest doubt

Heredity is also a decisive factor. Be extra careful if your mother or sister have had breast cancer (your risk factor is doubled).

Intestine cancer screening (colon and rectum)

Colorectal (colon and rectum) cancer concerns one person in 25 in France, affecting both men and women. Early screening enables rapid care and a higher recovery rate. You can obtain a test from your general practitioner. It is simple, painless and free-of-charge if you are aged between 50 and 75.

The first colorectal cancer screening campaign was launched in 2005 and invited 80,000 people in the Orne to take a test.