Maintaining the road network

Viaduc - OrneOrne Council manages and maintains the departmental road network. Its main priority is making the network safe for users and providing the best possible conditions for traffic.

The budgets voted each year by Orne Council cover recalibration and resurfacing work, safety improvements, signage and works of art.

The road network management service and its 4 infrastructure agencies implement Orne Council’s decisions and take care of the day-to-day running of the 5,800km of road in the network.


Specific road layout operations (making an intersection safe, improving visibility, rectifying a bend, etc.) and the installation of special equipment (signage, road markings, safety barriers, etc.) are managed by the Council, from the study phase to project follow-up, as it strives to improve safety and road conditions for all users.


“Local Road Regulations” are key to good administrative and technical road management, and are most often applied to grant permission to develop roads and authorisations for road works , requests to repair damage, and for commissioning or decommissioning operations.


The local roads are maintained by Orne Council’s services or by private contractors supervised by the COuncil. This includes regular (scheduled) maintenance of road surfaces, works of art, verges (mowing) and signage, along with repairs (unscheduled work) of any damage to the local road network.


To ensure the best possible traffic conditions for road users in all circumstances, the network must remain viable (surface cleaning, gritting, snow clearance, etc.), traffic flows managed (only one lane open, diversion, certain vehicle categories forbidden, etc.) and information broadcast (emergency services, radio, press, internet, etc.).

The departmental infrastructure agencies


Entretien des routesThere are some 240 agents working in four highways agencies to manage and maintain the 5,800km of roads.

They each cover a geographical sector to relay and implement the decisions made by Orne Council regarding the layout, management, maintenance and operation of the local road network. These agencies also receive requests and enquiries concerning local roads.

Discover the location of the four departmental infrastructure agencies on the Orne map