The contrat unique d'insertion (CAE & CIE)

Created at the same time as the Revenu de Solidarité Active (RSA), the Contrat Unique d’Insertion (CUI) – individual integration contract - aims to encourage the employment of RSA recipients. Employment funding, co-financed by the State and Orne Council, is paid to an employer hiring an RSA recipient supported by the department. Aid from Orne Council comes to around €400 per month (it is a set amount).

The different forms of CUI

  • the Contrat d'Accompagnement dans l'Emploi (CAE) – a funded contract for associations and public employers
  • the Contrat Initiative Emploi (CIE) – a funded contract for private firms.

How to benefit from a CUI?


  • your Pôle Emploi agency who will issue an individual agreement. When you have completed this agreement, it should be sent to Orne Council. The Pôle Emploi defines the terms of employment in the CUI
  • Orne Council takes care of  the social cohesion aspect

The individual agreement 

This is signed by the employer, the beneficiary (future employee) and the President of Orne Council. It is signed for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 24 months.

Weekly working hours

Between 20 and 35 hours. Aid from Orne Council will be given, as a priority, to contracts for at least 26 hours per week in the non-commercial sector and at least 30 hours per week in the commercial sector.