Integration policies

To help recipients of the RSA in the Orne find a job or training, Orne Council drew up its first Pacte Territoriale d’Insertion (PTI) – territorial integration pact - in 2009, covering the period 2010-2012.

The Pacte Territorial d'Insertion

The PTI applies the departmental integration policy defined by the various employment, training, economic development, health and welfare partners.

The department is the main stakeholder in the fight against social exclusion. Its integration policy is designed for recipients of the RSA and is applied alongside the different services the States offers as part of its public employment policy, and working with the Region for training matters.

The PTI is based on three priority actions:

  • encouraging access and/or a return to work for RSA recipients
  • undertaking to ensure that the PDI’s employment policy is better joined up with the state employment department's own policy
  • developing an action plan to improve access to jobs and training

The Programme Départemental d’Insertion (PDI) – departmental integration programme

Every year, Orne Council draws up a PDI to support recipients of the RSA required to find work, offering help as they go through the various professional and social integration procedures.

The PDI is based on the guidelines set out in the PTI and the requirements defined by professionals responsible for supporting beneficiaries. These are namely the department’s social services, the Centres Communaux d'Action Sociale (CCAS) – community social action centres and the Centres Intercommunaux d'action sociale (CIAS) - inter-community social action centres, along with the national employment agency (Pole Emploi). It also draws on the proposals made by the various stakeholders during the evaluation process.

All the initiatives included in the PDI are designed to help move individual situations forwards, with the aim of gaining access to employment. There may be an initial social assistance phase, headed by a social worker. This type of support will be offered after an assessment of the situation and will aim to remove the barriers related to mobility, health and housing, while implementing actions designed to renew links with society and to evaluate the know-how of the RSA recipient.

The PDI also includes a professional aspect with initiatives for support with job-seeking, supervision at work and enterprise creation funding.

The initiatives funded by Orne Council are complementary to the actions funded by the regional council (training), the Pole Emploi and the State.