Support for integration

Each year, Orne Council votes on the budget set aside for the social and professional integration of RSA recipients or young people. These people can thus receive individual financial support to help with their travelling, food, medical care and child care costs.

Fonds Social d’Insertion (FSI) – social integration fund

The FSI is designed to encourage the social integration of RSA recipients, by granting a one-off payment to cover essential expenditure (furniture, renovations, childcare, accommodation, etc.)

Aide Personnalisée de Retour à l'Emploi (APRE) – personalised aid for professional reintegration

The APRE is designed to encourage job-seeking and a return to work for RSA recipients. It is intended to cover the costs of furniture, accommodation, catering, childcare, clothing, training or creating/taking over a business.

Fonds d'Aide aux Jeunes (FAJ) – youth support fund

The FAJ provides one-off payments to people aged 18-25 and who are experiencing difficulties with social or professional integration. This aid may or may not be refundable and should be used to cover the cost of living, travelling, training, accommodation, etc.