Local information and coordination centres (CLIC)

Centre Local d'Information et de CoordinationCentres Locaux d'Information et de Coordination (CLIC) – local information and coordination centres

The Orne has 4 centres, one in each population base (le CLIC du Bocage, le CLIC d'Alençon, le CLIC du Pays d'Ouche, le CLIC du Perche).They are funded by Orne Council and their role is to coordinate local initiatives aimed at senior citizens.

To form a coherent and complementary network of support for senior citizens, they join up with other stakeholders working with the elderly (care or residential homes, the medical and para-medical professions, home help services, social services etc.).

Older people and their families can go to their nearest CLIC centre for information on:

  • the paramedical services in their sector (independent nurses, home care services, physiotherapists, chiropodists, podiatrists, speech therapists, ambulance services, etc.)
  • home help services and/or the social services able to solve their problems
  • care services (hospitals, clinics, medical-psychological centres, etc.) or accommodation (retirement homes, residential homes, foster families)
  • material and financial support to which they are entitled (aid towards autonomy, welfare aid, housing benefit or home improvement funding, etc.)