Advisory bodies

Agence départementale pour l’information sur le logement (ADIL)

Agence départementale pour l’information sur le logementThe departmental agency for housing, ADIL, receives a growing number of requests for consultations (5,876 in 2009).

It gives free legal and financial advice about housing (rent, tenancy succession, housing schemes, deposits, rental incomes, etc.).

It has:

  • A reception and documentation centre in Alençon
  • Surgeries in major towns : Argentan, Domfront, Flers, l'Aigle, Mortagne, Vimoutiers

Conseil d’architecture, d’urbanisme et d’environnement (CAUE)

Conseil d’architecture, d’urbanisme et d’environnementThe planning, architecture and environment council provides services around construction, renovation and conversion for private or business properties.

The CAUE offers :

  • Help with renovation in oder to find the best solution for your needs.
  • Legal, technical and administrative advice in order to get the most from your budget and plot
  • Help with your dealings with professionals (comparing quotes, project management, etc.)
  • On site visits with architects and landscapers