Social housing policy

Programme départemental d’insertion par l’hébergement et le logement (PDIHL) - the departmental programme for housing and accommodation 

The PDIHL is the accumulation of the accommodation plan and a programme of housing for the disadvantaged - Schéma d’accueil d’hébergement et d’insertion (SAHI) and Programme départemental d’actions pour le logement des personnes défavorisées (PDALPD). 

This plan, adopted for the period 2010 – 2014 covers housing and accommodation in a unique document which aims to:

  • Identify the events leading up to need for housing
  • Put in place a unique service for emergency housing
  • Improve cooperation and coordination between social landlords
  • Help people towards autonomy 
  • Develop housing for the elderly and disabled
  • Support in cases of domestic violence
  • Provide accommodation to young adults undertaking training or internships
  • Enable the provision of alternative accommodation for travellers

Preventing homelessness

logement social à Tourouvre Homelessness is a significant cause of social exclusion. It is therefore necessary to put in place solutions which will identify and find solutions to problems of rent arrears, taking into consideration the rights of both tenants and landlords.

A charter is in place which aims to help people who find themselves in difficulty. This help is conditional on them having made every effort to resolve their situation, through meetings with social services, landlords and State service and having proved their financial good conduct.

Departmental plan for travellers

The plan was updated in January 2010 and will run until 2016. It takes into consideration the reduced mobility of the travelling community and the type of accommodation which should be offered, as well as modes of support in health and welfare.