StarTech61: home to innovative businesses

In December 2011, a new centre opened its doors to innovative businesses in the Orne, within the Hôtel du Département (the council's head office) in Alençon.

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StarTech61 is a shared working space, open to young, innovative businesses from the Orne, and in particular those working in the field of information and communication technologies.



A space dedicated to ICT innovation

Startech 61 is a multi-functional centre:

A home for companies

A home for companies

StarTech61 can house up to eight companies who work with ICTs, in areas such as e-commerce, web strategy and communication, along with developers, designers and graphic artists.

They can benefit from rented offices (16-30m²), three meeting rooms and a co-working and relaxation area where people from the different companies can meet and discuss.

A place for meetings and training

A place for meetings and training

StarTech61 is also somewhere to hold meetings, training sessions and other events. It is a centre for business and technology and will regularly play host to meetings, conferences and training sessions in the fields of business and ICT.

These events will be open to companies in the Orne, most notably in partnership with the Echangeur Basse Normandie (a professional IT training centre).

A showcase for innovation

The centre is also a showcase for innovation originating in the Orne. It will put the spotlight on flagship products from the area, under the "Made in Orne" label.

A Nom@des100 telecentre


The coworking area is fully connected to the internet and will give visiting entrepreneurs somewhere to work or access training.

Would you like to move into the starTech61 business incubator?

StarTech61 still has room for three more companies. Businesses can contact Line Briard, Project Leader at the Pôle Economie Finances (Finance and Economy unit) at Orne Council 09 71 00 21 40 - briard [dot] line [at] orne [dot] fr

Why the name "StarTech61"?

The name "StarTech61" is a reference to the futuristic, optimistic world of the Star Trek TV series. StarTech61 suggests an innovative space bringing together innovating local companies using ICT (developers, designers, graphic designers and e-sales) in a modern building.