Preserving water

Rivière la Rouvre

The Orne Council protects water quality and helps to raise awareness among the general public.

Supporting water resources and aquatic environment protection schemes

The Orne Council can provide grants to local authorities for the rehabilitation and maintenance of rivers, the construction of wastewater collection networks and water treatment works and for the set-up of drinking water production units.

Monitoring water quality and rivers

The Orne Council works alongside all stakeholders in the water sector to produce a summary of river quality in the department. While nitrate and pesticide levels remain a concern, the Orne is still lucky enough to boast a few protected river basins.

Getting people in the Orne actively involved in water pollution prevention

The Orne Council informs and trains users of crop protection products. Priority is given to local authorities situated in river basins or within the protection zone of an existing or future drinking water catchment area.