Station d'épuration

The municipalities are responsible for collective sewerage services. They oversee connection to the public wastewater collection network, sewage collection, transport and wastewater treatment, as well as the removal of the resulting sludge. After zoning studies, they define the sectors under their responsibility which will be served by non-collective sewerage treatment systems and those which will be served by the collective network.

In built-up residential areas and/or where soil properties do not permit non-collective sewerage, wastewater is collected and piped to the wastewater treatment works. The clean water is then discharged into a receiving environment (waterway, sea, infiltration into the land, ditches, etc.). Municipalities can come together in inter-communal structures to pool their resources in this domain.

In the Orne, collective sewerage, which concerns 238 out of 505 communities, is organised as follows:

  • 17 inter-communal structures, bringing together 88 communities,
  • 150 communities working independently to provide collective sewerage services.

Latest projects completed

  • 89 new communities served by a sewerage network -> i.e. 4,500 homes
  • 77 new water treatment works built -> representing an equivalent of 15,810 inhabitants
  • 76 network extensions -> i.e. 2,000 homes served
  • 17 water treatment works rebuilt -> equivalent to 146,000 inhabitants
  • 3 water treatment works closed


Orne Council provides financial aid for local authorities and their inter-communal structures to help fund their programmes (e.g. water treatment works, primary or transfer networks). This aid comes in on top of grants from the two water agencies working in our department:

  • Seine-Normandie water agency
  • Loire-Bretagne water agency

It also heads the Service d’Appui Technique au Traitement des Eaux et des Milieux Aquatiques (SATTEMA) – technical support service for water treatment and aquatic environments to support local authorities and inter-communal structures in the operation of water treatment works.