Health and welfare is the biggest responsibility of Council.

Care for the elderly takes up a large part of this budget. One quarter of the Orne’s inhabitants are over 60 and their number continues to grow. The services provided include medical care, personal care, home help, housing, transport, access to facilities and socio-cultural activities.

Support at every stage in life

The Council also provides services in the fields of: 

  • Maternity and early years
  • Childhood and families (in areas such as health but also development and education)
  • Health planning
  • Social housing
  • Disabilities
  • Back to work


These services are aimed at improving daily life for inhabitants of the Orne. Solidarity, social justice and the protection of family life are values at the heart of the Council’s missions. Its work in health and welfare enables it to intervene in times of need - be it though moral, material or medical support.