Each different disability comes with its own specific difficulties which need to tackled from day to day. Orne Council is there to provide solutions and funding for disabled adults:

  • accommodation in a care home or with a foster family
  • support at home and when exerting their citizenship, to overcome the consequences of their handicap
  • welfare and medical help at home (accompaniment during the daily routine and outings, medical and welfare support for disabled adults) and day care or temporary care

The departmental disability plan


Improving the quality of life for disabled people means we need to take a regular look at the progress made and the difficulties still encountered with their material, medical and professional integration into the community.

Every five years, the departmental disability plan is drafted in cooperation with the State, associations and professionals, reviewing the situation in the Orne and defining new action plans for greater fulfilment of disabled people’s needs.

The latest plan was approved on 26th September 2008 by the council and aims to better reconcile the offer provided by medical care services and establishments with the needs of disabled people, while developing the local disability policy in liaison with all stakeholders in the sector.