RSA / Social and Professional Integration

Orne Council implements an integration policy for recipients of the Revenu de Solidarité Active (RSA) - a form of income support, and in particular those recipients required to follow an integration programme.

The RSA system is not only designed to pay out benefits. It also includes three basic principles:

  • a regional policy put together with professionals and stakeholders from the field
  • a single contact point (social or professional) who supports each recipient of the RSA
  • a reinforced rights and duties approach

Orne Council has worked with its partners to draw up the Pacte Territorial pour l’Insertion (PTI) – the territorial pact for integration, which applies the strategic aspects of its integration policy, stated in the Programme Départemental d’Insertion (PDO) – departmental integration programme. This is a budget document listing all the integration initiatives offered to RSA recipients.