Senior citizens

personnes âgées

People aged 60 and over represent a growing share of the population in the Orne. They accounted for 22.4% in 1990, 26.2% in 2008 and an expected 28% in 2020. In the years to come, the segment aged over 85 will see the strongest growth, with an increase of 57% between 2008 and 2020.    

Senior citizens have specific requirements. They need support (medical or personal care, home help, etc.), housing, public transport, access to local facilities, cultural and socio-cultural activities.

The council’s role 

Developing and coordination initiatives aimed at senior citizens and above all, making sure that this category of the population can benefit, regardless of their resources, from solutions that match their lifestyle (home help, accommodation in a home or a foster family).


The Comité Départemental des Retraités et Personnes Âgées (CODERPA) – the departmental committee for the retired and the elderly - is a consultative body working under the authority of the President of Orne Council. It initiates dialogue, reflection and proposals for all matters affecting the retired and the eldery. The committee is made up of representatives from retired people’s associations and organisations, local authorities, welfare institutions, services and establishments and other qualified persons. It publishes the SENIORS 61 newsletter.